Spanning from Castlegate, Kelham and Neepsend into the City Centre, Sheffield Music Trails offers free events across the city in a variety of venues. TAP intern Sophie looks into some of the variety Sheffield Music Trails has to offer.

Music can be enjoyed anywhere. Whether you’re fond of the larger stages, like Tramlines, or prefer more intimate gigs, Sheffield has something for everyone. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with some of the venues that are part of Sheffield Music Trails and ask about what they do and why it’s important. While this isn’t an extensive list, hopefully it will provide a snippet of some of the things these places have to offer.

DINA (7th August, 12 Noon)
Located in Fitzalan Square, DINA is an independent, inclusive arts centre and venue. They have a focus on providing a safe, inclusive space for everyone. This includes avoiding strobe lighting and smoke machines at events, as well as a list of clear policies on their website. Whether it’s for a cuppa, a night out, or live music, DINA has something for everyone. Evelyn from DINA puts it best: ‘We've always believed in trying to provide an accessible space for those who might not be able to access arts and culture venues and value the community that grows around alternative arts spaces. Sheffield is a great place for alternative arts and culture that we're proud to be part of.’

Lotte on the Edge (21st August, 1pm)
Lotte on the Edge is an independent urban beach coffee shop situated in Nether Edge. Perfect for a relaxing day out, this café has plenty of outdoor space and lovely holiday vibes. They try, where possible, to source their food locally and support independent businesses. While they haven’t fully restarted all their little events, they are looking forward to eventually restarting knitting workshops and other in-house events. A fun one to visit for Sheffield Trail Music, as they don’t typically host live music. A great community space, one that Lotte appreciates greatly: ‘we’ve become part of the community’, ‘we’re just so grateful to be here, with our regulars – it’s been incredible’.

Cole’s Corner (21st August, 6pm)

Cole’s Corner is an independent record shop & café bar found on Abbeydale Road. They serve seasonal dishes and organic soups, as well as hot drinks and alcoholic beverages. It hosts a covered outdoor terrace, with the inside containing new & pre-owned vinyl records with a particular love for Reggae, Drum n Bass, Jungle, Afrobeat and World Music. They also sell Sheffield made music of any genre – a great spot to find buy work from local artists. Definitely one to add to any music lovers list.

Hagglers Corner (21st August, 7pm)
This is a collective of 10 independent businesses all under one roof, situated on Queens Road. With plenty of outdoor seating, Hagglers Corner provides a range of services. Whether it’s for food, a haircut, flowers, or music lessons, or just a drink, Haggler’s is a small community of businesses that can help. The outdoor element of this place is great for the summer weather and will be a great space to enjoy the live music. As part of the Sheffield community, Sarah puts it quite simply: ‘we love Sheffield, and we feel the love back’.

Record Junkee (28th August, 5pm)
An independent record shop situated in the city centre, filled with plenty of pre-loved vinyl, Record Junkee is known and loved for its more intimate gigs. Whether you’re a seasoned vinyl lover, or interested in starting a collection, this is one to visit. A great spot for those reminiscent of pre-lockdown events, and one to watch too. As they have rebirthed their Network venue directly opposite Record Junkee, it will be open from October 2021. More spaces for Sheffield music is great news, and definitely a win for the music lovers.

Whether it’s for the ongoing Sheffield Music Trails, or just for a day (or night) out in Sheffield, these are just a few of the places that should be considered. It really helped get a small glimmer into the range of independent businesses within Sheffield – and how they have all become part of a wider community.




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