2020 is a big year for Skateboarding, as the sport makes it's transition from an X Games sport into the limelight of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, propelling the sport into a new status and inspiring the next generation of participants.

Over 750,000 skateboarders are currently active in the UK, with this set to increase by over 15% in the lead up to the games.  And, for those wondering where to go to hone their budding Olympic skills, Skateboard England has recently announced the launch of MySkate. A new smartphone app which maps every skatepark in the UK, provides a gamification of the classic game S.K.A.T.E., lists UK skateboard events and has behind the scenes content from the Skateboard GB Team.

MySkate is the first UK skateboarding app which will allow skateboarders to search and locate skateparks across the country by entering a location or postcode. It includes maps, photos, park features, reviews and check-in’s for each individual skate park.

The MySkate app also features the only mobile version of one of skateboarding’s most loved games, S.K.A.T.E. Players challenge their friends to a game, using the app to randomly generate tricks which all attempt to land. The player who lands the most tricks, wins the game. This form of gamification has been hugely successful with youngsters, who regularly use their mobile devices to guide active games in real life.

Lucy Adams, professional skateboarder and chair at Skateboard England said “This is going to be ground-breaking product for the skateboarding community. It’s a one of a kind app which will make skateboarders aware of parks, which they may never of found before, while the active gaming element will encourage the social side of skateboarding and help skaters to get better”.

MySkate has been developed by Skateboard England, which focuses on ‘Skating More and Skating Better’. The application is facilitated by The Skateparks Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping communities get new skateparks. The Skateparks Project has documented over 1,500 skateparks in the last 5 years and MySkate will make this data to be available on an app for the first time.

You can download the MySkate app in the Apple App Store or Google Play now.




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