One Sold, One Given: Dark Peak’s slogan gives a clear indication that their company philosophy encompasses deeper aspects of business, other than just profit margins. 

Fitting nicely into Sheffield's identity as a city of makers, particularly those with a strong connection to the adventurous outdoor environment the city is synonymous with, Dark Peak produce high quality, outdoor activity jackets.  

Launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018 by experienced entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts and self-confessed ‘gear-geeks’, Allen Holland, Will Parsons and Steve Crosby, Dark Peak are doing things a little differently.

Firstly, they have cut out retailer mark-ups by using a distribution model that sells directly to the consumer, with free shipping and free returns.

This has led to them working closely with DHL, who produced the following profile video:

Secondly and even more impressively is their corporate social responsibility policy of One Sold, One Given.  A simple policy, where they donate one, designed for purpose jacket to a homeless person for every one of their lightweight, high performance, down jackets sold. 

Dark Peak's thinking is that as a business they have an opportunity to improve society, to give back and help bring issues to the forefront of people's minds.  

To do this, they work with shelters, charities, non-profits and other philanthropic organisations who can get their jackets into the hands of homeless and displaced people who need help the most.  

Dark Peak's high performance, NESSH Down Jacket is the product of years of outdoor experience, bringing together all the favourite elements of products worn by the experienced trio into one, ready for adventure product.    

They also offer a synthetic insulation version of the jacket, and true to form, they again do things a little differently from most, as they produce their synthetic jacket with the exact high spec found on their down jacket. 

Visit the Dark Peak website for further information. 




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