Did you know that Cycling Sheffield is one of the most successful cycling teams in the UK?

Sponsored and supported by local businesses and organisations, the team is strongly linked to the city.  This concept of linking a cycling team to a city or region has been proven to work effectively in Europe and is helping Sheffield position itself as a city that’s a major contributor to the UK economy. 

The team had a successful 2019 season, with numerous victories and finished in the top 10 of The BC HSBC National Road Series.

They won the prestigious Yorkshire Regional Championships in June 2019, for a second time in recent years. And, further afield, the team raced around the UK and Europe, with some great results, particularly in Belgium.

Cycling Sheffield's made up of talented and aspiring riders aged 18-25 with the team’s mission being to help riders develop and further their careers as athletes by providing a professional and nurturing team environment. And, it's proving successfull, with Connor Swift, one of the team’s most successful past riders, recently signing for French World Tour team Arkea-Samsic .

Cycling Sheffield are thrilled to have played a part in Connor's journey right to the top of the sport and are hoping to see him riding in the Tour de France in 2020. 

There’s a lot of local support for the team along with its growing national profile, Cycling Sheffield is heavily invovled in the City's intiatives for both residents and visitors. They continue to support the the MoveMore initiative and also support Sheffield Schools in promoting cycling and active travel. 


To find out more about Cycling Sheffield and keep up with their latest race progress, visit their team website




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