There’s nothing better than spending a day in the glorious Peaks, whether it's in summer sunshine or the depths of winter. However, no matter what the time of year, the weather can change or something unexpected happen, and if it does and you find yourself in trouble, Mountain Rescue is there to help.

All Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) members are trained in first aid and casualty care and can rescue from remote moorland, cliffs or even crashed aircraft.

There are seven Mountain Rescue teams across the Peak District, operating under the umbrella body, The Peak District Rescue Organisation (P.D.M.R.O).  

The teams work independently, although when members of different teams are closest to an incident, they will create combined ‘snatch squads’ to complete the rescue.        

Helena Skinn is a member of Woodhead MRT, she says “It’s difficult to say a typical call out. You might have a snatch, where you know where somebody is but they’re injured. They might be in the middle of Bleaklow, they know exactly where they are but they can’t get off because they’re broken their leg. Or it might be searching for a missing person, whether that be urban or out in the countryside.”

Ian Bunting of Edale Mountain Rescue gives the following advice to help people get the most out of their trip and stay safe in the process:

  • Planning - decide where you want to go and how long it may take you. Pushing your boundaries can be good fun, but always leave a bit in reserve. Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to get back.
  • Weather - always check the weather forecast. The hills will be still be there tomorrow, so don’t be afraid to cancel and do something instead. This doesn’t mean only go out in summer, but even less severe weather can affect your progress during the day.
  • Clothing and Equipment - wear and take suitable clothing and equipment. Always take a warm layer to put on when you stop, even in summer. Take a map of the area and compass and know how to use them.
  • Lastly, whenever you go out please, please take a torch and spare batteries. Not only will it help you get off the hill if you do get caught out in darkness. but it will help the mountain rescue teams find you if you do get into difficulties.

All of the rescue teams are staffed by volunteers and funded by donations. If you’d like to support them you can volunteer as a team member, make a donation, or take part in some of their fundraising events such as Nine Edges or Trigger fell races.

To call out the Mountain Rescue - Dial ‘999’ ask for the Police, when connected ask for Mountain Rescue.




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