Pro downhill mountain biker Steve Peat, 41 years old from Chapeltown, is an international star and local legend. Huge on the downhill mountain bike scene, Sheffield lad Steve is loud and proud of Sheffield’s status as The Outdoor City.

Where did it all begin?
I did my first World Cup when I was about 19. The first time I ever rode a bike in Wharncliffe Woods I was around 13; Wharncliffe became my playground and it still is. Biking is a massive part of my life. Both my boys and my wife ride and race – actually my oldest lad podiumed at a race the other week which he was rather happy about, my youngest is just waiting until he is old enough to enter!

Greatest sporting achievement?
Winning the downhill World Cup Championships in 2009 – that was pretty awesome.

Where's your favourite place to ride?
Sheffield is still my favourite place to ride. I have to travel a fair bit on the bike circuit, mainly for weekend competitions, but Sheffield is where my family is, where I spend most of my time and where I train.

Travelling the world with the Santa Cruz Syndicate team, you could live anywhere?
Why would I live anywhere else? Look at it. The people. The mountain bike scene. The trails. Sheffield is the best place in the world to ride a bike.

You mention the MB scene – it is massive here in Sheffield, why do you think that is?
It’s got everything you need. Trails like Lady Canning’s Plantation out at Ringinglow, the awesome rides at Grenoside, or if you’re looking for something more urban there is the Parkwood Springs trail which overlooks the city centre. All easy to get to, all offer a different ride and opportunity for progression depending on how you roll them. But it isn’t just the places. It’s the people. The scene here is prolific and you can see this in action through the crowdfunding of tracks like Lady Canning's or the re-build of the BMX track out at Bolehills, which all came about from local businesses and bikers putting time and money into making something awesome for everyone.

Do you think the facilities we have are world class?
Yes. Sheffield has a lot of facilities for local guys to come and train and they are as good if not better than you’d get anywhere else in the world. And if they want to, a Sheffield kid can train enough to go out there and take on people from around the world. Sheffield undoubtedly grows its own talent but we also attract talent, with people choosing to live here because of the landscape and the facilities. We’ve got seven hills to ride up and down. Big ones.

Read more about Steve and his connection to Sheffield on What Makes Sheffield, or visit Steve's Facebook page,

Written by Rowan Hall




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