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  • Canoeing in The Outdoor City

    Canoeing in The Outdoor City

    Sheffield is the perfect place to go canoeing or kayaking. Rivers, canals and lakes around the city are all easily accessible and offer a whole range of different opportunities to get out on the water.

    Don’t worry if you have no previous paddling experience: help is at hand in the form of canoe clubs and centres, which can offer sessions with fully qualified coaches. These venues will also be able to provide you with all the specialist kit you need to get you on the water safely. As well as their main outdoor venues, most clubs will also have access to swimming pool sessions as well, allowing you to practice your skills when it might be a bit too cold to do so outdoors.

  • A guide to Sheffield's sailing clubs

    A guide to Sheffield's sailing clubs

    For a landlocked city, Sheffield has a surprisingly active sailing community.

    With a cluster of reservoirs to the west of the city, where Sheffield opens into the Peak District, as well as country parks to the east, just into the Rotherham border, there is in fact plenty of water to get out on close to Sheffield.

    A number of independent sailing clubs operate in the area, which between them sail several classes of dinghies as well as organise regular dinghy racing, training and casual sailing sessions. Read on to find out about them, and take to the water.

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