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The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven is a unique cycling event, the first of its kind in Sheffield. Not for the fainthearted, the race is a cross between a sportive and a hill climb, that invites participants to face seven of the city’s toughest hills.The route, which is nearly 27 miles, presents each rider with over 3,800ft of climbing, with inclines ranging from 9 to 23 per cent.

The 2017 route climbs will include the infamous Côte de Oughtibridge which was part of the 2014 Tour de France stage 2. The other challenging climbs include Hangram Lane, Blake Street, West Lane, Hagg Hill, Foxhall Lane and Fern Road/Thrush Street, the latter of those being this year's infamous "cobbled" section of the route. Scroll down to see approx event timings and an elevation infographic for each climb.

So how does it work? Cyclists ride with motorbike escorts and a lead car between each of the seven hills, where the riders then gather at the bottom of each climb before racing for points to the summit. The first 15 to the top then receive points which count towards the grand prize of being crowned King or Queen of the Mountains, for which the winners receive a trophy.

Both men and women are encouraged to ride with equal prize money for both categories, and, new for 2017, there’s also a prize for the over 40 year old riders, as the fastest veterans will be awarded points and battle for a separate prize list.

Each of the seven climbs will be subject to a full road closure managed by Sheffield City Council.

Last year saw a fantastic inaugural event with Kieran Wynne Cattanach and Natalie Creswick both crowned winners. The event was a major success with everyone enjoying the experience of fully closed road climbs, usually something only professional riders get the opportunity to do.

The ride is aimed at local amateur club riders and all entrants will receive refreshments before and after the ride, culminating with a prize-giving presentation at the end of the event. This is the second running of this unique event so the field is limited to just 100 cyclists, with the minimum age being 16 to enter.

Entries for The Magnificent Seven are now FULL.
Most places for the event went within the first week of entries going live back in January.

Approximate event timings for The Magnificent Seven 2017:
Please note, the outline of climb timings below are subject to change.

Climb 1 - Hangram Lane
Start 08:41am - Finish approx 08:46am - Depart 08:54am
Road Cloased: 08.30am - 08.55am (between Quiet Lane and Ringinglow Road, no access from or to Cottage Lane)

Climb 2 - Blake Street
Start 09:11am - Finish approx 09:12am - Depart 09:19am

Climb 3 - Fern Road & Thrush Street (Cobbles)
Start 09:32am - Finish approx 09:34am - Depart 09:41am

Climb 4 - West Lane to Holdworth
Start 9:56am - Finish approx 10:05am - Depart 10:12am

Climb 5 - Côte de Oughtibridge (The Jawbone)
Start: 10:19am - Finish approx 10:26am - Depart 10:33am

Climb 6 - Hagg Hill
Start 10:59am - Finish approx 11:05am - Depart 11:12am

Climb 7 - Foxhall Lane
Start 11:24am - Finish approx 11:29am - Depart 11:45am

Spectator Information:
The main hub for the event will be at The Norfolk Arms (Ringinglow Road), this will be where the riders congregate before heading out to the first climb and where they return at the end of the event for the prize-giving.
Out on the route, the most spectator-friendly climbs we recommend are Fern Road /Thrush Street, Côte de Oughtibridge (The Jawbone), Hagg Hill and Foxhall Lane.

Fern Road /Thrush Street could be one of the most interesting, being this year's notorious cobbled section of the route. One side will be parked car free, leaving space for spectators to line the pavement, while the finish itself is actually on Rivelin Street. If you stand at the top of Thrush Street on Rivelin Street, you'll get a decent view of the cobbles and the finish.

The infamous Côte de Oughtibridge which was part of the 2014 Tour de France Stage 2, also known as The Jawbone, offers plenty of room at the top for spectators to congregate. For those driving out, there are a number laybys in the vicinity, but it may be worth heading to Greenhead House Farm as they're making onsite parking, toilets and refreshments all available to spectators, perfect if you want to head out with the family.

Hagg Hill and Faxhall Lane, again both offer plenty of room at the top with good views all the way down.

While organisers welcome spectators for the event, please remember this is a live event and spectators line the route at their own risk. Despite the finishes being on the top, please bear in mind the lead riders will be coming through at speed and will be battling for places, there will also be motorbikes, lead cars and medic cars, so plenty to be wary of. Please stand back when the riders come through, make sure dogs are on a lead and small children are supervised at all times.

If you can't make it out for the event, keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook for coverage. If you're out watching and happen to take any photos, please feel free to share these with us @TheOutdoorCity #Mag7, as we'll be on the lookout for posts to retweet and share with our followers.

**Road Closure Info**
Please note, a rolling road closure will be in place on the route, taking affect approx 10 minutes before the arrival time on each climb. Organisers envisage that each closure will last no longer than 20 minutes. Approximate closure times for each hill are indicated below, however this may vary by a few minutes either way.

WoodcliffeHangram Lane between Quiet Lane and Ringinglow Road, no access from or to Cottage Lane 08.30 - 08.55
Blake Street
entire length 09.00 - 09.20
Fern Road/Thrush Street entire length of both roads, no access at Rivelin Street , Providence Road, Wellbeck Road 09.25 - 09.45
West Lane/Holdsworth Lane entire length between Loxley Road and Kirk Edge Road 09.45 - 10.15
Station Lane/Oughtibridge Lane/Jawbone Hill between River View Road and Skew Hill 10.15 - 10.45
Hagg Hill/Stephen Hill
between Rivelin Valley Road and Manchester Road 10.50 - 11.20
Foxhall Lane/Greenhouse Lane (entire length) 11.20 - 11.50



Date: Sunday 19 March
Time: 8:30am - 11:30am

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