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A colourful run in all seasons: Ecclesall Wood

Photo by Gemma Thorpe.

From springtime bluebells to autumn’s glorious shades of orange, this route offers plenty of colourful delights, with tracks and trails to explore in all directions.

The route follows good tracks, though they can get a little muddy on wet days. From the Woodland Discovery Centre it passes through the aptly named Ran Wood, and alongside the peaceful Limb Brook. At the end, unwind with a cuppa at the Woodland Coffee Stop.

Along streams, up hills, between trees. Follow The Outdoor City Run Routes and explore the greenest city on foot.

Illustration by Glenn at Eleven.

Photo by Gemma Thorpe.

Photo by Gemma Thorpe.

Illustration by Glenn at Eleven.



Start: Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Wood, S7 2QZ.
Distance: 4km.
Difficulty: Medium.
Terrain: Mix of well-surfaced paths and narrow uneven paths which can be muddy.
Route map: GPX export / download as PDF.

from city centre


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